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It may seem obvious to breathe as a part of coping…


It may seem obvious to breathe as a part of coping but the truth is we forget sometimes. Think of the phrase “it took my breath away.” At times of stress – caused by anything from being with someone very special and having an intense moment of intimacy to almost being hit by a bus – we stop breathing for a moment. We also breathe more shallowly or less often when under pressure and can sometimes hyperventilate, breathing faster and more deeply as well. Any of these ways of breathing can cause stress on our bodies and make it difficult to cope well and relax. So focusing on our breath is great coping. We breathe, trying to be aware of the breath coming in and going out. It is also good to breathe with a relaxed rhythm and into our abdomens so that we can see them expand as we breathe in and contract as we breathe out. This is portable coping we can take with us and do anywhere and has the added benefit of being good for our health.