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A Guide for Coping

Loving Acts

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When stressed or vulnerable, there are loving acts we can do to protect ourselves. Imagining that we put a shield around ourselves as we shower in the morning is one example of this. Think of the shield as both protective and open so positive energy can come in but negative is filtered. Make it a loving shield that has our best interests at heart. There is no magic when we do this, we are simply setting an intention we carry with us throughout the day. As we set the intention repetitively, it becomes a habit and the protection is strengthened.

At night we can set out intention in a different way, letting go of negative energy collected from the day as we undress, drive home, shower, or wash dishes. Negativity is tossed in the dirty clothes bin, by the side of the road as we drive, or down the drain as we shower or rinse the dishes. This gives us a clean slate each day and allows us to let go of anything we do not need or want.

Both intentions are loving acts. Here is a guided imagery that also involves a loving act. Try it to reduce your stress and increase coping:




Author: Dr. Ann Goelitz

Dr. Goelitz is a writer and a scholar with a wide scope of clinical experience, ranging from working with trauma survivors after September 11th to her role as a psychiatric social worker at a top New York hospital. For the past ten plus years, she has specialized in her private practice on cognitive behavioral therapy, dream analysis, and EMDR, helping clients navigate transitions and heal from trauma and loss. A seasoned educator, she has done extensive public speaking, published numerous articles, and co-authored an award winning resource directory for caregivers. Her soon-to-be published book, From trauma to healing, has received endorsement and accolades from leaders in the field of trauma. Her latest writing projects include a book on how to cope with stress written with both laypeople and professionals in mind. She has taught at Columbia University and Hunter College.

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