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Coping During the Holidays

Coping can be difficult during the holidays especially when there’s been loss. We may be alone or feel alone even when we are with others. Taking care of ourselves and coping through feelings of aloneness doesn’t mean we can’t be sad – sometimes we need to be sad. It does mean that we find ways to be comfortable with ourselves just as we are. Here are some ideas for coping:

– Spending time with friends we like

– Cuddling with animals

– Listening to music that inspires us

– Cooking something special and tasty

– Watering the plants and taking care to prune them

– Doing something that makes us laugh like watch a funny movie

– Reading something spiritual and uplifting that makes us think

– Walking in nature

– Reaching out and helping someone else in need

This video – a interactive poem about being alone – also offers ways to cope. Enjoy it and have a great holiday!