Coping made easy

A Guide for Coping

How Did You Cope Today?

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I slept late, read an uplifting spiritual book in bed, cooked eggplant and sliced peaches to freeze for winter days when I know I will appreciate them even more than now, ate yummy healthy food, did my brain exercises, worked out on my fun urban rebounder trampoline, learned and became excited about blogs and other social networking tools I can use in my business, emailed and called friends, googled myself and found my book listed as coming out in 2013 on Routledge’s website, since its a little too cool today swore to swim as many days as possible before the summer ends, called my sister in law to ask her what she thought about my mother having an DNR (do not resuscitate) since she has Alzheimer’s, cleaned the sink, emptied the dishwasher, did my nails, washed my hair, read my sisters daily affirmation, and made a list of how I coped. How did you cope today? Is there one more positive coping activity you can do before you sleep? If its fun even better!


Author: Dr. Ann Goelitz

Dr. Goelitz is a writer and a scholar with a wide scope of clinical experience, ranging from working with trauma survivors after September 11th to her role as a psychiatric social worker at a top New York hospital. For the past ten plus years, she has specialized in her private practice on cognitive behavioral therapy, dream analysis, and EMDR, helping clients navigate transitions and heal from trauma and loss. A seasoned educator, she has done extensive public speaking, published numerous articles, and co-authored an award winning resource directory for caregivers. Her soon-to-be published book, From trauma to healing, has received endorsement and accolades from leaders in the field of trauma. Her latest writing projects include a book on how to cope with stress written with both laypeople and professionals in mind. She has taught at Columbia University and Hunter College.

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